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The goal of Food as Fuel is to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to make permanent, positive changes to your body. By learning to view your food as fuel, you will gain an understanding of how your body uses the food that you eat and how to control your weight.

To gain that control, you must start by understanding that your bodyfat is your fuel tank. Each day, you put some fuel in and your body uses some to power your movements and internal functions. If you put in more than your body uses, then some will be added to the tank. If you put in less, then some will be taken out to cover the difference. If you consistently put in less, then you can reduce your tank to whatever level you want. It really is that simple!

There are a few things get in our way when applying this simple concept to our lives. How much fuel do different foods contain? How much does your body use? Does the type of fuel matter? Getting these questions wrong is what leads some people to believe that they eat very little, but still gain weight. I will cover how to find the correct answers to these questions and many more throughout this guide.

In addition to answering important questions, I will also share several helpful strategies that will help you make consistent progress. You will learn to differentiate cravings from hunger, examine your eating habits, and set yourself up for success.

One last note before you jump in, it may be tempting to look for shortcuts like seemingly magic pills, supplements, diets, or other products that promise to make fat disappear overnight. The reality is that if any of them worked then no one would be overweight. Controlling your weight is simple, but not necessarily easy, at least at first. As you put in effort and see results, you will also be building incredible habits that will take the place of conscious effort, and ensure that your results last for the rest of your life.

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